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Welcome to Life of Boris SEtoos channel, Home of Slav King.
On this channel, you find slav gaming, lifestyle, cooking, car reviews, custom PC builds, animation and tutorials including end of month and budget cooking.
Stay cheeki breeki!

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good morning

good morning

Dag sedan

  1. tank master

    tank master10 timmar sedan

    In bosnia we call this Medena Torta And its my favorite cake boris Thanks now i can make it myself

  2. Bit the Proto

    Bit the Proto10 timmar sedan

    17:22 maybe whittling?

  3. Xx_jdsolano435 _xX Memes

    Xx_jdsolano435 _xX Memes10 timmar sedan

    5:00 baketball

  4. Aviator James

    Aviator James10 timmar sedan

    Legit pronounced New Hampshire right. I mean you can’t really say it wrong

  5. David Lemos

    David Lemos10 timmar sedan

    Why is Boris doing a goatsee to the box in the thumbnail?

  6. Surreal Squad

    Surreal Squad10 timmar sedan

    i laughed at the slightly worried "opa" when the soda thing begins fizzing lol

  7. Big Poorer

    Big Poorer10 timmar sedan

    Complication of Boris saying LA LA LA LA

  8. Louis Fo

    Louis Fo11 timmar sedan

    Do not worry, Fail Man is Here!

  9. Gieorgij Żukow

    Gieorgij Żukow11 timmar sedan

    I think i can put here a fine recipe that need only bread oil and egg and also some Salt and pepper So you take 2 eggs crack them into the bowl and mix then add some Salt and pepper and mix again. Then you need to put some oil on pan and heat it meanwhile take slice of bread put in eggs make sure to cover it all in egg mixture and put on pan when it's getting brown switch on the other side and fry until Brown when it's ready put egg-bread on plate and repeat that sequence until eggs end if you have some ketchup, mayonaise or other sauce you can use it. I hope i have helped you guys (btw sorry for my english)

  10. PhoenixUltraMotive

    PhoenixUltraMotive11 timmar sedan

    Wait Boris birthday is one day before mine? Nice

  11. Coincoin n00dle

    Coincoin n00dle11 timmar sedan

    Hi boris, love your content, Brother Slav!

  12. W.D. Gaster

    W.D. Gaster11 timmar sedan

    For gr1 I did a country project, knowing little about Russia, I did okay, *BUT I WOULDVE DONE BETTER NOW*

  13. Adriano Gavranović

    Adriano Gavranović11 timmar sedan


  14. groszek76

    groszek7611 timmar sedan

    Zamiast jakiegos ruskiego gawna zastosowac polski majonez - na kieleckim temperatura spadnie ponizej 0!

  15. Butter Fingers

    Butter Fingers11 timmar sedan

    8:36 did i just get gnomed? IN MY PHONE?

  16. Tabuu TKS Vines

    Tabuu TKS Vines11 timmar sedan

    A Russian pc with windows xp

  17. Dean Schreiber

    Dean Schreiber12 timmar sedan

    8:37 You've been gnomed

  18. Fede Papasodaro

    Fede Papasodaro12 timmar sedan

    I always lose it when Boris says FOCUS, CYKA

  19. Abraham Altamirano

    Abraham Altamirano12 timmar sedan


  20. Всеволод Комов

    Всеволод Комов12 timmar sedan

    Ты пьёшь чай с молоком?! Серьёзно?

  21. Dean Schreiber

    Dean Schreiber12 timmar sedan

    Visit Greece when the pandemic is over. Tell us if you think it's an honorary Balkan Slav country or not.

  22. Stalker 44

    Stalker 4412 timmar sedan

    Latvia looks like a soviet-ish average Latin America small town

  23. Gabriel.

    Gabriel.12 timmar sedan

    In brazil we call it rock soup

  24. NoNameZ

    NoNameZ12 timmar sedan

    Oh wow , the people in my country are slav?! >:)

  25. Borki4a 5

    Borki4a 512 timmar sedan

    Браво, блят from one Борис to another

  26. TheLastYnzy

    TheLastYnzy12 timmar sedan


  27. Mmmk Allright

    Mmmk Allright12 timmar sedan

    Only 1 Slav man would dedicate 2 hours to peeling potatoes... and it, is, BORIS!

  28. Dmitry

    Dmitry12 timmar sedan

    Learn here more in 2 minutes then for 2 years in Slav classes...

  29. 1nclude

    1nclude12 timmar sedan

    0.1 + 0.2 != 0.3

  30. TheVenaMatrix

    TheVenaMatrix13 timmar sedan

    As soon as I saw that mouse pad I wanted it but it's only available in Slovenia, Croatia, and England :(((((

  31. jad 3zer

    jad 3zer13 timmar sedan

    please make more vids with Anatolia

  32. Raymond Champion

    Raymond Champion13 timmar sedan

    Hey the Americas do have Muenster cheese and other cheese you can build a f****** house out of yes somebody has done it yes it still is up no it is not in somebody's garage it is a full size house and somebody lives in it somehow I am pretty sure they have a hole in the wall from the f****** bear

  33. Whitegroth

    Whitegroth13 timmar sedan

    a fellow coffee bean eater. salut!

  34. Jay

    Jay13 timmar sedan

    boris: * eats vaccum'd bread * also boris: * sounds of broken lada * iS a BiT dRy

  35. N M L O P Q R S

    N M L O P Q R S13 timmar sedan

    That's a good care package

  36. ARoyalPigeon

    ARoyalPigeon13 timmar sedan

    i cant even tell if his accent is really that thick, or if hes doing it on purpose

  37. N M L O P Q R S

    N M L O P Q R S13 timmar sedan

    Aye wait Boris born may 4th? I'm 20th haaa

  38. Omnipotent Gaming

    Omnipotent Gaming13 timmar sedan

    I love your channel I just wanna learn the way of the slav had to sub! love the content xD

  39. InnannasRainbow

    InnannasRainbow13 timmar sedan

    He is looking for us Western spies, we are good at hiding.

  40. garthshark

    garthshark14 timmar sedan

    Gotta say, I'm glad I bought a gold weslav tracksuit zipper hoodie when I did ages ago. It's like owning a piece of history.

  41. SpycoLordOfFire

    SpycoLordOfFire14 timmar sedan

    Wait, I share a may 4 birthday with boris? Dope

  42. Yablonya

    Yablonya14 timmar sedan

    Его киселя боялись выпить даже чеченцы..

  43. Star Melter

    Star Melter14 timmar sedan

    Ambal - Dúra Margarínovaya

  44. Jake Connelly

    Jake Connelly14 timmar sedan

    It's strange how accurate this is to actually being a sysadmin.

  45. gioyu comi

    gioyu comi14 timmar sedan

    again even if it is from the perspective of a tourist.

  46. Azzam Kunting Gaming

    Azzam Kunting Gaming14 timmar sedan

    the funnies part was the the top 19 when the speedometer is saying to you to slow down

  47. Bab Bobi

    Bab Bobi14 timmar sedan

    Nex Challenge "Cooking with your head"

  48. A P

    A P14 timmar sedan

    Russian hardbass has entered the chat

  49. Omar Khaled

    Omar Khaled14 timmar sedan

    Instant like for fan mail vids

  50. gogomen101

    gogomen10114 timmar sedan


  51. Ivan Kalash

    Ivan Kalash14 timmar sedan

    Oh hey! Povotica! My favorite, it's a slovenian tradition. It's a type of sweet swirl bread with a seed filling, it's much better than the westerners sorry excuse for "swirl bread".

  52. Gemini.offline

    Gemini.offline14 timmar sedan

    I still miss the old intro

  53. Golden Cameron’s Giles 2.0

    Golden Cameron’s Giles 2.014 timmar sedan

    Nice Vodka You Got

  54. Zach Hans died in a tornado ._.

    Zach Hans died in a tornado ._.14 timmar sedan

    It looks more like a wig-

  55. Trashtv

    Trashtv14 timmar sedan

    Hello blin, how are you my soulmate? Have you been good in this time. Long long time, you remember, we where squating like pateto around the hood. Oh blyat it was so good time. What I have missed so much is my vodka pure in your frigde. Maybe it got bad, so we get new vodka to cruse around with some HARDBASS and the classic blyatmobil. Like cyka I love drivin around with lada blyat. So I love your content. It's so good entertaining and good medicine to reduce stress. Hahahaha I'm so away from my methylphenidati wich I snort in my brain like the vodka in our stomage. I wish I could chill around with you... Only problem or better said only thing is standing on my way is, if you read this. I mean blin I'm writing so much, only to get ignored. It is not a big deal, but i would be so happy, if you read this. In other words I like you and I would be happy about a message back. I don't know how much it cost to read all comments, see it like this, I write to you as a unknown friend to make you happy. I wish to you everthing good and stay Tuned yeee hahahahah

  56. John Vic

    John Vic15 timmar sedan

    *Never fear Boris is here!* *Okay it give me guts to punch Putin*

  57. Nick Dickem

    Nick Dickem15 timmar sedan

    Where can I get a wooden salt box like yours? All I can find are the dumb plasticky ones. I want to go full slav when I move out for college, and those simply won't do

  58. Geo Gmz

    Geo Gmz15 timmar sedan

    Puta? Never heard of that beer.

  59. Timo

    Timo15 timmar sedan

    Give me that Mouspad!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. SpectraLuna

    SpectraLuna15 timmar sedan

    I wonder if the mead was responsible for sending our friend boris to the hospital.

  61. john russ cool

    john russ cool15 timmar sedan

    I do not use western item I use eastern item

  62. ThomasCarstein

    ThomasCarstein15 timmar sedan

    Slovenian here, it makes my heart jump to see this video :D Also, proud owner of a UVI chair, quality stuff!

  63. Anderson Gustavo de Mendonca Siqueira

    Anderson Gustavo de Mendonca Siqueira15 timmar sedan

    Does this mean that Boris is Slovenian? Or is it just a nod to the amazing Slovenian gopniks?

  64. Isaac Hatch

    Isaac Hatch15 timmar sedan


  65. TherealJanczareq

    TherealJanczareq15 timmar sedan

    Boris, you might want to hide in a bunker, i've heard that Gaijin has sent the KGB on you. They're saying that you failed The Motherland by collaborating with the western spies.

  66. Itz Zacky Boi

    Itz Zacky Boi15 timmar sedan

    Drunk pc poggers