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Welcome to Life of Boris SEtoos channel, Home of Slav King.
On this channel, you find slav gaming, lifestyle, cooking, car reviews, custom PC builds, animation and tutorials including end of month and budget cooking.
Stay cheeki breeki!

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  1. KamoGaming [ かも]

    KamoGaming [ かも]16 timmar sedan

    finally the drilling has been caught on camera

  2. KamoGaming [ かも]

    KamoGaming [ かも]16 timmar sedan

    that hobby of cutting soft wood is called whittling

  3. Ajril Albani

    Ajril Albani16 timmar sedan

    English : Fuck Car Indonesia : ngentod mobil Russia : BLYAT MOBILE

  4. iiomqxbelieve

    iiomqxbelieve16 timmar sedan

    I love the vodka jokes.

  5. iiomqxbelieve

    iiomqxbelieve16 timmar sedan

    I love ur accent. It was rlly funny b/c I live in U.S.

  6. Comrade Fire Crystal

    Comrade Fire Crystal16 timmar sedan

    SCP096 dead in motherland cold winterin that plane

  7. Wicked Wolf200

    Wicked Wolf20016 timmar sedan

    Binging with babish copied your recipe

  8. RafusTeno

    RafusTeno16 timmar sedan

    Boris: *Mentions Vladivostok in a Metro Exodus playthrough* Me: *has ptsd flashbacks of Sam's Story*

  9. April Shadows

    April Shadows16 timmar sedan

    Minnesota does have the only Spam museum in the whole planet, something to be truly proud of. Brought to you by Spam, eyeballs and buttholes, stay cheaky peepy!

  10. Alex M.

    Alex M.16 timmar sedan

    Commenting to help the algorithm

  11. Avro Elite

    Avro Elite16 timmar sedan


  12. Truth chan

    Truth chan16 timmar sedan

    Simple food is the best food ❤️

  13. Pexi The Builder

    Pexi The Builder17 timmar sedan

    Your Kalashnikov is missing cover, its get dirty really easy :O

  14. C_Human

    C_Human17 timmar sedan

    "One down, Whole church to go" - Boris 2021

  15. armandyt

    armandyt17 timmar sedan

    This is my favourite channel blyat

  16. Chris Hansen

    Chris Hansen17 timmar sedan

    Boris, I made the recipe exactly as you described. Except you said I could use red wine, so that is what I did and it turned purple. And you didn't tell me how many mushrooms or onions to use, so I used too many and it turned out soupy. And I made a larger batch because I am married. And I put in lots of garlic because I am already married. But except for that it was exactly the same and it was very good.

  17. Laurel H

    Laurel H17 timmar sedan

    So nice to see one of your videos today! Hope you're doing well

  18. Gunny boi

    Gunny boi17 timmar sedan

    Boris I know why love this game it has essence of every good game out there like cod,god of war and gears of war... Boris I wish I meet you someday in my life

  19. Mike Buxton

    Mike Buxton17 timmar sedan

    It's BORIS!

  20. armandyt

    armandyt17 timmar sedan

    soviet union new anthem

  21. Gunny boi

    Gunny boi17 timmar sedan

    *komputer* haha I love it

  22. Kly

    Kly17 timmar sedan

    no invisible walls? mhhhhh davai next video try to find limit of map? XD

  23. Adam Krokowski

    Adam Krokowski17 timmar sedan

    I do not like end of the month - I use slav teleport (vodka and cheeki breeki.... i v danke)

  24. captain abi

    captain abi17 timmar sedan

    boris are you living vladistok?

  25. Adam Krokowski

    Adam Krokowski17 timmar sedan

    *hand ! Very professional wiggling.

  26. Adam Krokowski

    Adam Krokowski17 timmar sedan

    Good habd wiggling !

  27. Adam Krokowski

    Adam Krokowski17 timmar sedan

    Rush B ?

  28. I am Indecent.

    I am Indecent.17 timmar sedan

    Be me: hasn't watched Boris in a while think he is speaking Russian focuses harder to understand him me thinking I can understand Russian realizes it is just the accent and now i feel dumb

  29. Zoey Martin

    Zoey Martin18 timmar sedan

    nice transition to cooking blins Comrade Boris

  30. Sean Durham

    Sean Durham18 timmar sedan

    1:55 Anatoli is a fuckin' asshole. If somebody were to grab a drink out of my hand like that... we would have problems. You are far more tolerant than I am, Boris.

  31. ushankat

    ushankat18 timmar sedan

    Next video: Cooking with Tsar-fish

  32. Hugo Iram Fuentes Cuesta

    Hugo Iram Fuentes Cuesta18 timmar sedan

    La mejor música para el gimnasio 🙂

  33. Joana Liker

    Joana Liker18 timmar sedan

    What game is that

  34. Rhys De Guzman

    Rhys De Guzman18 timmar sedan


  35. dximagine_ breakerxb

    dximagine_ breakerxb18 timmar sedan

    1:21 Boris: *about to get eaten You-Tube: CUE THE AD!!! Me: If that's what people see after they die, I'd rather keep living

  36. Miles Priddy

    Miles Priddy18 timmar sedan

    All that configuring and you forgot most important part. Adidas stripes on tank wheel!

  37. C_x48_wtchr.exe

    C_x48_wtchr.exe18 timmar sedan

    wait, you speak german?? Would love to hear it :)

  38. SoundsOfSushi

    SoundsOfSushi18 timmar sedan

    Bruh I learn more things from this channel than many other ones.

  39. Elvis Caragea

    Elvis Caragea18 timmar sedan

    beautifull game

  40. Boris the Dinosaur

    Boris the Dinosaur18 timmar sedan

    Boris store so expensive

  41. Owen Benedict

    Owen Benedict18 timmar sedan

    Sam is not spy. Sam was in the US Embassy in Moscow when the city was bombarded. He is US Marine do he is proudly from west.

  42. Code[Sixx]

    Code[Sixx]19 timmar sedan

    Is MaYONnaIsE a thermal paste?

  43. Darth Muul

    Darth Muul19 timmar sedan

    Boris of course I love playing my wallx one!! Favorite game is watching paint dry

  44. Francesco Marku

    Francesco Marku19 timmar sedan

    Hello. My Georgian/Russian wife doesn't know what is kakadu. Can someone explain what language is kakadu bc she says it is not Russian

  45. Kuba Jarosz

    Kuba Jarosz19 timmar sedan

    Ahh Boris videos are always fun and make me laugh in hard times. Cheers comrade Boris!

  46. Meteor Knight

    Meteor Knight19 timmar sedan

    True slav in its natural habitat

  47. madinge

    madinge19 timmar sedan

    adidas runs on gopniks

  48. Kupuś Buhatek

    Kupuś Buhatek19 timmar sedan

    you dont need to be stealth all the time you can shoot but you need to save 2 of your friends (in game) and you can get the good ending

  49. Walker Christopher

    Walker Christopher19 timmar sedan

    Boris: Ohyo

  50. That one eagle warrior

    That one eagle warrior19 timmar sedan

    I came just in time

  51. Hakan Özbay

    Hakan Özbay19 timmar sedan

    disappointed. the parking sensor doesnt "blyat"

  52. THESUN

    THESUN19 timmar sedan

    El merengue es un delicioso postre, un pequeño pastel o pastelito de forma aovada o ahuevada que se hace batiendo las claras de huevo a punto de nieve, se lo mezcla con el almíbar y se lo hornea veinte minutos. Se baten las claras de huevo a punto de nieve, se lo mezcla con el almíbar y se lo hornea unos veinte minutos aproximadamente hasta tener terminado este pequeño pastel de forma ahovada llamado merengue que lo vamos a dividir en dos mitades. La mitad inferior, o hemi-merengue inferior la podemos cubrir con un poco de mermelada de fruta o crema Chantilly, y la mitad superior o hemi-merengue superior o ut supra hemimerengue la podemos decorar con una pequeña fruta, por ejemplo una sandía.

  53. Fredrik

    Fredrik20 timmar sedan

    Honestly, i went back too watch all these vids you have about cheap and end of month cooking and it helped me so much.

  54. Why can I not keep my name private

    Why can I not keep my name private20 timmar sedan

    Someone wanna try and give a scientific explanation on how the vodka cooled PC just, *works* better?

  55. no u

    no u20 timmar sedan

    This game is so horrible on console I like the game but the graphics are so trash and I feel like I'm playing on 20fps

  56. K-759

    K-75920 timmar sedan

    'When you do what I do, you run, you run fast" - Life of boris

  57. Vedang Shinde

    Vedang Shinde20 timmar sedan

    I want you to teach me . How to Slav our country

  58. XxZyxifyxX

    XxZyxifyxX20 timmar sedan

    Thank you my fellow comrade i can now squat like slav pro P.S. ur true slav king

  59. Rokas Vidžiunas

    Rokas Vidžiunas20 timmar sedan

    Im really enjoying this metro exodus playthrough, i just hope that Boris finishes it.

  60. Edmund Manuel

    Edmund Manuel20 timmar sedan

    Goddammit boris, putting on the gas mask and firing has to be the funniest shit ive seen all weekend goddamn!

  61. Rachid 1986

    Rachid 198620 timmar sedan


  62. FDF gam1ng

    FDF gam1ng20 timmar sedan


  63. tehredd

    tehredd21 timme sedan

    *huge shrimp goes to boris's boat* Opaaa, dinner has arrived *almost getting killed* davai lets go. you, me and kalashnikov

  64. Ucantorlak

    Ucantorlak21 timme sedan

    Its like tofas sahin

  65. B.K Gaming

    B.K Gaming21 timme sedan

    This is the 1st vid that i have seen on this channel

  66. Javokhir Tohirov

    Javokhir Tohirov21 timme sedan

    I am from Uzbekistan and we actually eat this too, it's so nice, my mum makes it sometimes

  67. rairch

    rairch21 timme sedan


  68. Salty Yt

    Salty Yt21 timme sedan

    United States of Britain That is the best description of the UK Boris... good job!

  69. SpaceGun

    SpaceGun21 timme sedan

    Вот это вкусный кисель,не то что другие

  70. toni toni

    toni toni21 timme sedan


  71. Henry Nguyen

    Henry Nguyen21 timme sedan

    It’s the Tsar Fish, Aka Russians #1 Son, Aka Slav King, Aka Boris.

  72. toni toni

    toni toni21 timme sedan

    This is Boris Shneeki- SUSHi!

  73. Steel- XL

    Steel- XL21 timme sedan

    "Have you considered vodka?"

  74. Dstroke

    Dstroke21 timme sedan

    Ak 47 performance affected by dirt? This is so unrealistic

  75. frank perdue

    frank perdue21 timme sedan

    Why eez dust cover off AK?

  76. KubaGdyniaPL

    KubaGdyniaPL21 timme sedan

    Maybe you gonna Look for you first videos xD

  77. Dr. Doom

    Dr. Doom21 timme sedan

    That was the nicest Lada I have seen. Who ever owns that is def proud. Sharp car, I'd love to get one here in the states to swap a turbo V8 into it, oh the fun I would have in my little hot rod Lada

  78. Dr. Doom

    Dr. Doom21 timme sedan

    I am beyond shocked to see a GT Grant Mahogany on Gold Steering wheel in RUssia on a Lada. Simply amazing.